• Commercial grade LED downlight
  • Tempered glass face for enhanced durability and heat resistance
  • Powdercoated diecast aluminium body and silver stippled reflector combines for a sleek and modern aesthetic
  • IP65 rating makes it suitable for use in damp indoor and outdoor environments
  • Quality LEDs deliver an impressive L90B10 lifetime of >54,000hrs
  • Excellent energy-efficient illumination saving on energy and operating costs
  • Customise to suit including fitting colour, beam angle, wiring, driver, size, CRI and colour temperature
  • Ideal for external applications such as under canopies, awnings and covered walkways
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VAN2-_RMB__________DKEktor Vann {WATTAGE}W LED Downlight - {DIAMETER}mm dia - {CUTOUT}mm cutout - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K
VAN2-_RMB__________DXEktor Vann {WATTAGE}W LED Downlight - {DIAMETER}mm dia - {CUTOUT}mm cutout - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K
VAN2-_RWB__________DKEktor Vann {WATTAGE}W LED Downlight - {DIAMETER}mm dia - {CUTOUT}mm cutout - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K
VAN2-_RWB__________DXEktor Vann {WATTAGE}W LED Downlight - {DIAMETER}mm dia - {CUTOUT}mm cutout - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K

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