• Nighthawk low UGR panel troffer
  • Evenly distributed low-glare light output
  • External LED driver for easy maintenance and installation
  • Supplied with a choice of different softwiring and hardwiring options
  • High efficiency design
  • Includes Saftey hooks for T-Bar ceilings
  • Includes mounting holes for seismic restrains
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NHW1__-__AG__________CEEktor Nighthawk {WATTAGE}W - 293mm x 1190mm - Two Way Grid - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K Live Date:2099-01-01
NHW1__-__AG__________CGEktor Nighthawk {WATTAGE}W - 293mm x 1490mm - Two Way Grid - {CRI}CRI - {CCT}00K Live Date:2099-01-01

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