• A versatile downlight, delivering a stylish aesthetic for indoor spaces
  • Deep recess and front trim minimises glare and provides optical comfort
  • Highly-energy efficient illumination
  • Tri-CCT selectable, allowing for customisation of colour temperature between 3000K, 4000K and 5700K
  • Integral phase cut dimmable driver for lighting control
  • High quality aluminium body and PMMA lens for durability
  • Ideal for modern residential and commercial applications such as hotels, offices, retail and front-of-house areas

Selected Models

  • Supplied with cable to allow for drop up to 11285mm
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Total System Efficiency108 lm/W
The performance of each component of a luminaire is demonstrated through its efficiencies, which together determine the total system efficiency of the product. The output of the LED chip is first multiplied by the optical and thermal efficiencies to calculate the Luminaire efficiency. However, this calculation does not consider the driver efficiency. To determine the overall efficiency of the system, the Luminaire efficiency must be multiplied by the driver efficiency, which accounts for all losses in the system.


Body MaterialAluminium
Diffuser MaterialPMMA
Fitting Colour
Installation Type
Surface mount
IP RatingIP20


Electrical RatingClass I
Input Current0.07 A
Input Frequency50 Hz
Input voltage230Vac
In Australia the Input voltage is defined as 230Vac -6%/+10%. This effectively means that the voltage range of these products are 216Vac - 253Vac or 240V +6%
Maximum Wattage15 W
Working Temp Range-20 to 40 °C


Macadam Steps (SDCM)5-step MacAdam Ellipse
Beam Angle38 °
CCT ConfigurationTRI-CCT
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)>80
UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is reported as per AS/NZS 1680.2 using the following design parameters; room reflectance 0.7/0.5/0.2 (C/W/F), ceiling height 2.7m, LLF=0.8 (Nominal) from the corrected UGR table.

LED Lifetime

LED Lifetime>54000 hrs
This is the Reported LED Lifetime in Hours based on TM-21. Ektor does not list the projected or calculated LED lifetime, which is normally longer as TM-21 Addendum B explicitly states "The Calculated and Projected Lp(Dk) are not to be reported". This Lifetime refers to the life of a single LED however the system life is longer since the probability and binomial distribution of all LEDs in the system means that the average led is performing above the specification and compensates for the LEDs falling below.
TM-21 Test Hours9000 hrs

Colour temperature

Warm White (3000 K)1460 lm
Cool White (4000 K)1620 lm
DayLight (5700 K)1480 lm


Driver IncludedYes
Integrated DriverYes
Driver TypeDimmable ( Phase cut)
Wiring TypeRe-wireable terminal block (3 pin)


Product Design Life6 years
The product design life relates to the total product life which includes LEDs, drivers and the enclosure. This is different to the LED lifetime which only refers to the economical lifetime of the LEDs at which time the lumen output has dropped below the L Value. The product design life is calculated at the maximum ambient or working temperature of the product and takes into account the Daily Use.
Daily Use16 hrs
The Daily Use is the recommended time required to meet the product's design life. Installations can exceed this time, however the product design life will be reduced proportionally.
  • AS/NZS 60598.1
  • AS/NZS 60598.2.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.2.13
  • AS CISPR 15


Commercial Use Warranty5 RTB (Total 5 Years)
VIP Warranty2 Onsite, 3 RTB (Total 5 Years)
VIP warranty is available to registered users and is subjected to additional terms and conditions. Register as a VIP today. Our standard warranty is return-to-base. Onsite warranty is only available to users who are registered, for sites located in the defined areas/regions and for purchases that have been registered.
Warranty Operating Hours30000 hrs
This product is provided with a warranty up until the stated warranty period or until the stated warranty operating hours has been reached (whichever occurs first).
Item CodeProduct DiameterProduct Height
EV-NAUTILUS-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-B-PD85 mm178 mm
EV-NAUTILUS-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-W-PD85 mm178 mm
EV-NAUTILUS-SP-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-B-PD85 mm11463 mm
EV-NAUTILUS-SP-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-W-PD85 mm11463 mm
Ordering codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
16601EV-NAUTILUS-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-B-PD15W LED surface mount dimmable downlight - Tri-CCT - Black
16600EV-NAUTILUS-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-W-PD15W LED surface mount dimmable downlight - Tri-CCT - White
16603EV-NAUTILUS-SP-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-B-PD15W LED Surface mount dimmable pendant - Tri-CCT - Black
16602EV-NAUTILUS-SP-CORE-15W-TRI-38D-W-PD15W LED Surface mount dimmable pendant - Tri-CCT - White

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